Why Ghana Ecotourism

Have you been thinking about a trip to Ghana? It’s a great idea. The country is one of Africa’s most popular amongst tourists and one look at all it has to offer will make the reasons very clear. While you obviously have a lot to do before you visit, one thing you should consider is ecotourism. Not only can you still have the trip of a lifetime to this beautiful country, but ecotourism also means doing it the right way. What Is Ecotourism? Like most people, you’re probably a bit unfamiliar with the term, “ecotourism.” In the short, the idea means two things. First, it involves traveling in a way that is responsible to the natural environment there, meaning practicing methods of conservation. But it also means looking to the local people there and ensuring that you help to improve their lives by being present and touring their land. Its major tenets include:

  • Minimizing your impact
  • Building environmental awareness
  • Cultivating respect of the local culture
  • Making the trip a positive experience for all parties, including natives
  • Directly fund conservation efforts
  • Empower the local people and give them financial benefits
  • Increase awareness of the host country’s environmental, social and political climate

What Does this Mean in Ghana? Obviously, even with all of the word we used above, this is still a pretty broad definition and may leave you confused about how it should affect your time in Ghana. Don’t worry. You can still enjoy yourselves, there are just some ways to visit and spend your time in this country that you may want to consider. For example, stay away from corporate resorts that aren’t the product of local people. Each year, these resorts get bigger and more expansive and, in doing so, encroach on the country’s natural terrain and the habitat to much of its unique wildlife. Plus, when funding those resorts, you are siphoning money away from the very deserving locals who would certainly appreciate it much more. ghana-80832_1280 Find a Responsible Tourist Company It can seem overwhelming to try and find a way to tour Ghana in a “responsible” way, which is why so many people just throw their hands up and don’t. But if you do the research, you can find an ecotourism company that will make your visit a simple one, that’s still enjoyable and responsible. Just be sure to really investigate any company before giving them your money. Travel Precautions Before traveling to any foreign country be sure you take travel precautions. Especially with the Ebola pandemic of 2014 you need to be sure you check out health warnings before departing to any nation. But also, if you are not a U.S. Citizen be sure your immigration paperwork is in order before departing on a foreign trip. Some resources: